Social Program

Canada's Capital Miata Meet (C2M2-2020) would not be complete without opportunities for our Miata community to socialize, share experiences and make new friends.  To celebrate our 25th anniversary, two social events have been planned. Also, Friday evening offers the chance to get together in small groups at nearby restaurants.


Meet and Greet Reception

(Ottawa Conference and Event Centre)

Thursday, 12th August, 8:00 pm - 9:30 pm

  • Light snacks will be served together with tea or coffee.

  • Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

  • Anniversary cake.


Friday Night Options

In addition to the convenient restaurants at your hotels, there are plenty of restaurants within a 5-minute drive of the C2M2-2020 home base.

Your hotel staff will assist you in finding what suits your taste.

If you prefer to dine with fellow Miata enthusiasts, we will be making group reservations at a number of restaurants. You will have the opportunity to sign up during the event.


Closing Banquet

(Ottawa Conference and Event Centre)

Saturday 14th August, 7:00 pm - Midnight


Other Attractions

ByWard Market

This is an excellent place to stroll around during the day or in the evening. From street food to haute-cuisine, the market has it all. Established by Lieutenant-Colonel John By in 1826, the ByWard Market is one of Canada's oldest and largest public markets. The legendary builder of the Rideau Canal, Colonel By himself laid out the street plan of the Market, designating George Street and York Street to be extra wide to accommodate the creation of a public market and gathering place. Within an area roughly four blocks square, you'll find museums, cafés, specialty food shops, boutiques, galleries, restaurants, pubs and more! Easily accessible from the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre.

Casino du Lac-Leamy

If you are looking for something a bit more exciting and want to explore your relationship with Lady Luck, then the Casino du Lac-Leamy will be the place for you. Situated on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, and a 15 minute drive from C2M2-2020 Home Base, the casino complex includes several restaurants as well as a "Théâtre" offering live shows and performances.

Lansdowne Park

Landsdowne is a revamped historical site, previously the location of the Ottawa Exhibition Grounds.  It is now a new and improved entertainment site.  It blends modern amenities, courtyards, heritage buildings and green space. This urban public destination, situated right in the heart of the city, offers programming on a year-round basis. It features events and activities for all ages and all seasons. Lansdowne is a vibrant spot for visitors and locals alike. Landsdowne hosts, pro sports, concerts, a busy nightlife, greenery, businesses, as well as unique events and festivals.  Lansdowne Park is located at 1015 Bank St, Ottawa.


Speak like a Canadian, eh!

When travelling, it always helps to be able to speak the local dialect when you are "out and aboot"! Here are some useful guides:

  • Loonie - A common word for the Canadian one-dollar coin.

  • Toonie - A common word for the Canadian two-dollar coin.

  • Double-Double - A coffee with two creams and two sugars.

  • Serviette - A paper napkin. Not slang, simply 'napkin' in French.

  • Two-Four - A case of twenty-four beers.

  • Mickey - A flask-sized bottle of hard liquor.

  • Toque - Pronounced "Tuke" as in Luke. A knit cap usually worn in winter.

  • Hydro - A reference to electricity, not water.

  • Washroom - Same as "Toilet" in UK, or "Rest Room" in US.

  • Timmies – Tim Hortons Coffeeshops.  Favourite place for coffee and bio-breaks.

  • Miata - World's best roadster owned by smart and stylish people.

  • Three-course sit-down dinner.

  • Alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase.

  • Live entertainment with EDDY & THE STINGRAYS so we can dance the night away.

  • Bring your 50s, 60s attire for a Theme Night of fun.